Delete Cookies in Browsers

How to delete cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari and Opera?

A «Cookie» is a file that is downloaded to your computer when accessing certain web pages, to store and retrieve information about the user’s browsing habits to improve the service offered.


Delete cookies in Chrome (quick mode)

Copy and paste this URL into your browser: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData, or follow these steps:

  • Button with three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome
  • Settings
  • Advanced
  • Privacy and security
  • Clear browsing data
  • You can delete data according to the time range, and in «Advanced settings» you have the option not to delete your passwords


Delete cookies in Firefox (quick mode)

  • Click on the menu button (3 lines at the top right)
  • History
  • Clear recent history
  • Choose what to delete, the time interval and press «Clear now»

Internet Explorer

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer

  • Press the wheel at the top right to open the menu
  • Safety
  • Delete browsing history
  • Cookies and website data


Delete cookies in Edge

  • Three dots icon top right
  • Settings
  • Look below the section «Clear browsing data» and Choose what to clear


Manage and delete cookies in Safari

  • Safari
  • Preferences
  • Privacy
  • In the section «Cookies and website datas» you can specify which cookies to accept
  • Press the button «Manage Website Data» to delete the cookie you want or all


Delete or manage cookies in Opera

  • Press the Opera icon in the upper left to open the menu
  • Settings
  • Privacy and security
  • Scroll down to the «Cookies» section to specify if you want to block them
  • Press «All cookies and site data»
  • Delete the ones you want or all
  • Restart Opera